Dealing with an e-commerce endeavour on a big scale is never an isolated matter within your company. It will have touchpoints along all departments. The right internal setup and mindset is thus essential to any successfil e-commerce business.

Account Management

The starting point of any account assignment we take on is a holistic assessment and strategic alignment. We treat every client individually with fixed account managers to specifically focus on your Brand(s). Coming from the Brand-side ourselves, we understand the value of trailored approaches for each brand.

Ventures -
Equity Invest

Copean Partners is a private investor focussing on start-ups and SMEs in Europe. Knowing that an e-commerce strategy is crucial, we offer our consulting and management expertise to entrpreneurs and business managers. Beyong the ability to provide finance, we facilitate out e-commerce and digitalization experience to grow your business, serving as the beginning of a long term partnership